My winter holidays.

The beginning of my holidays was on the first days of December. I know it sounds a bit strange because Russian students study at this time. It’s time when they prepare for their exams.

I passed my first exam and realized that I can relax after that. Our English classes were very lazy, we watched American films and learned classical Christmas songs. We watched The Breakfast club and that movie is really cool!

After classes we spent time together and played an interesting game. It was Secret Santa. We bought presents and gave them to each other, but everyone didn’t know from whom he or she got a gift. It was very funny! Someone got a pineapple!

Time went by so fast…

And the 31 of December came…

I was afraid and happy at the same time. The worst year was ending, but I was upset. 2020 is a very important year for me. I passed my exams and studied at the linguistic university, I met new friends and realized that I have a brain and I am an interesting person😂😂😂

And now I’m going to say a few words how I spend my winter holidays

I want to say that I haven’t got a Christmas mood at all. I didn’t watch the Christmas films and I didn’t listen to holiday songs. Oh my friends said to me “You are a very strange person. You are the first person who doesn’t love Christmas and the New year!”

Of course it’s not true. I love holidays. I love to spend time with my friends and hang out with them. But something happened. Well, I think the reason is that I haven’t got a good sleep. I tried to fix my schedule, but I couldn’t do it. I sleep for about 3 hours at night. it’s a real trouble!

You can also watch a short video about films which I watched on my winter holidays and a little review about a Soviet Union cartoon. I think it’s a little bit funny